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Our values


The well-being of our employees is our highest priority. We believe that a just, healthy, stress-free working environment is what enables and motivates us to be outstanding service providers who can offer our guests the best hotel experience possible. We strive to be fair and considerate in all our dealings with partners and suppliers, as well.


We treat everyone with respect and tolerance. We make sure our hotels are places where all our employees and guests feel welcome and fully at ease. The hospitality we provide is heartfelt and fundamental. We’re also open to new technologies and make use of them when they make our work and travelling in general more enjoyable.


We love what we do because we love travelling ourselves; it inspires us and brings people together. We also love our chosen profession because we see ourselves as ambassadors of our home and want to be the best possible hosts to those visiting Munich. We want people to see and hear our enthusiasm in everything we do. We have a friendly smile ready for everyone we meet. And we always go the extra mile for our colleagues and our guests.


For us, respecting the environment and conserving resources isn’t just some fleeting trend; it's the way we want to do business. That’s why we're always working to reduce our ecological footprint, and we expect our partners to do the same. We operate in a sustainable manner and use our profits to safeguard the financial independence of our hotels, make sure our employees’ jobs are secure, and invest in key aspects of our company's future.