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    Nikkei Grill

    Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine

    Nikkei cuisine has its roots in the Japanese immigrants who found a home for themselves in Peru at the end of the 19th century. After arriving, some began running street kitchens – known as bodegas or fondas – that initially served traditional Peruvian dishes with hints of Japanese influence. The culinary traditions of the two countries continued to blend together over the years, resulting in a superb combination of East and West. Soon enough, people started preparing Japanese dishes as well, but with local ingredients. Together, the tranquil, orderly minimalism of Japan and the colourful, festive, even chaotic aspects of Peru produce the wonderful harmony of evocative flavours now known as Nikkei.

    Nikkei Grill will give you the chance to discover how the complex, refined cuisine of Japan tastes when combined with bold, vibrant, and intense Peruvian aromas. Its menu also features steaks of the finest quality, including premium cuts of Wagyu and Black Angus beef. To add the perfect complement to this unique dining experience, Nikkei Grill's bar offers creative and innovative cocktails and long drinks, and a list of select wines and champagnes.

    Ristorante Vi Vadi

    Cucina Italiana dal 1999
    At Ristorante Vi Vadi, you can tuck into a breakfast that will get every day off on the right foot and enjoy first-rate coffee from one of Germany's oldest roasteries.

    Vivadi Rustico

    Steaks and brick-oven pizza
    True to its name, this rustic locale serves up specialities hot off the lava stone and pizza from a traditional brick oven.


    Ristorante & bar lounge
    Here, you can look forward to an abundant breakfast, a diverse range of business lunch options perfect for a tight schedule, Italian specialities, and a selection of outstanding wines.